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STAYING IN VICTOIA?~Spend a day hiking AND whale watching with…


A full day of adventure that combines a guided rainforest hiking tour and a whale watching tour with                http://www.bcwhalewatchingtours.com/the_company.html

What drives us

Welcome to the Premium Marine Adventure Company on the west coast of British Columbia, BC Whale Tours! Leave the crowds behind on our custom made vessels specifically designed for comfort, speed and safety that carry only 12 privileged guests at a time.

The rugged beauty of the West Coast is something that should be experienced with Victoria’s boutique whale watching company. The wildlife and limitless adventure that the Salish Sea has to offer is easily enjoyed when experienced in the comfort of our state-of-the-art vessels! Our knowledgeable crew ensure that each and every trip is an inspiring and educational experience. BC Whale Tours is a company like no other!

Mission Statement- “To provide a premium whale watching experience with the lowest impact on the environment and wildlife.”

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BC ORCA, BC TIKA & BC NOVA (more information)

Adult (19+) $193.27 $214.74
Student (12+) $174.37 $193.74
Youth (6-11) $164.92 $183.24
Children (3-5) $155.47 $172.74

BC LUNA (more information)

Adult (19+) $202.72 $225.24
Student (12+) $183.82 $204.24
Youth (6-11) $174.37 $193.74
Children (3-5) $164.92 $183.24

SUNSET (more information)
(June 1 – Aug 20)

Adult (19+) $184.76 $205.29
Student (12+) $174.37 $193.74
Youth (6-11) $164.92 $183.24
Children (3-5) $155.47 $172.74

(prices include taxes)

STAYING IN SOOKE?~Spend a day hiking AND whale watching with…

Sooke Coastal Explorations A full day of adventure that combines a guided rainforest hiking tour and a whale watching tour with Sooke Coastal Explorations. Only Sooke Coastal Explorations can take you on an exhilarating West Coast marine adventure that will thrill your senses and leave you with a deep appreciation for the enchanting creatures that inhabit our local waters. Offering the perfect balance of excitement, safety and education, our experienced, knowledgeable crew will take you on an open water excursion lasting 3 to 4 hours in length, and travelling along the Island’western shores.

To book your package, please contact us today!

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